( 1990, BFA)

Painting is meditation to me. I am at peace and happiness is what I get while working.
I usually don’t think of any subject before creating anything. It’s all imaginative and intuitive. My journey is Inward. My work is a reflection of what all I have acquired from the society. Whatever I read, see, hear, make an impression on my mind and my sub-conscious mind reflects that as an imagery. Music is my second companion.
My journey is to reach a level where there is no sound, no image. I call it’ Shunya se Shunya tak’. I want to empty my head and heart of all worldly things to reach a point where I could see the light inside me of all the 7 qualities of a soul, that is-Purity, Peace ,Power, love, Happiness, Wisdom and Bliss, to create positive vibes in order to make it a better world to live in.