“Can imagination be for real? Can imagination make things clearer? Can imagination lead to success? Well, yes! Meet Sushmendra Dubey, native of the land of imagination where life is captured from the eyes of a dreamer. As a four year old who believed that stars were holes at the bottom of the sky and God shone his light through them, the future couldn’t be more certain than the present. With an aim to encapsulate moments that answer questions or raise doubts, this Delhi College of Arts graduate has carved a niche in the world of photography with uniqueness that’s hard to match.Popular as Dubs in the industry, Dubey forayed into photography after sharing his expertise for more than 15 years with advertising giants like Draft FCB, McCann-Erickson, Saatchi & Saatchi and Lintas.
He progressed to be the creative director and displayed a love for unmatched creativity in everyday life, a reason that explains his deep understanding of the world and its ways. After proving his mettle in the highly competitive world of advertising, he realized that lens is where his heart is. In his own words “there was always a gut-wrenching feeling that made me remember the days that the camera and I were inseparable. It was my first love. The haunting feeling led me back behind the lens and then there was no looking back.” And the rest as they say is history. “