(1990, BFA / 1992, MFA Sculpture)

Dramatic sculptures
Global issues in suresh kumar’s art
Contemporary global Issues Explored in Exhibition of Dramatic Figurative bronze and fiber glass sculptures by suresh kumar. Global warming, decrease of forest and trees, lake of awareness regarding environment, silence in society on social and other contradictions and a big question by mass- what we can do, are bigger rather than other issues. Artists from different stream focus on that with an artistic approach. Suresh kumar also doing that since the beginning, focus will change according time and way of expression also, especially in sculptures. He did some figurative sculptures in early time but after that he transforms figures in abstract expression, because our many expression and feelings are abstract. Suresh always try to express all that in a mute sculpture and painting, but they are not speechless, they say many things in their silence. When I see his sculptures, I feel that I am seeing a mute drama, there is no movement but I can hear all that with my feelings.
Suresh kumar rise global issue but his treatment and expression are totally Indian. Drama or theater is the oldest art in India after cave paintings. Dance, drama, music are explain in Bhart muni’s ”Natyashastra”. Suresh kumar accept the challenge to convert still figures of forms in a theater. In Hindu mythology, trees are accepted as a god. It’s a myth but reality of today. Suresh understand and accept to express that in contemporary manner. In his recent sculptures, all faces and branches of trees, and bull also, have dramatic postures. A kind of lyrical movement and rhythm in each curve convert them in a theatrical experience, where we can see many known and unknown phases and faces of life. Sculptures or paintings are mute but not speechless; they say many things in one time, if we want to hear them. Suresh kumar is a well-known sculptor and painter who unveil the human character, tendencies, and joyful moments in life.
Ved prakash bhardwaj
Art critic, new delhi