(1995, BFA Painting)

“My paintings serve as a journey of self-discovery. Much like myself, they possess a straightforward, simplistic, and self-explanatory nature, brimming with child-like qualities, vibrant colors, joyfulness, and a touch of humor. Each artwork carries its own unique story—a dream, a thought, a fleeting moment, or an emotion captured as an impression of what I observe and absorb. I find shapes in everything that surrounds me—clouds, trees, flowers—and interpret them in my own distinctive way.Painting is an integral part of my life.
The immense power of nature strongly influences my artistic vision. These emotions spill out onto my canvas in a figurative and descriptive manner, effectively conveying the state of mind I find myself in. My brush serves as a constant companion, faithfully following the guidance of my heart. I dedicate countless hours to nurturing and encouraging young students in various art forms such as painting, sketching, and design.”