1964 (AICTE Diploma)

As an artist I was always interested in the play of colour, light, movement and rhythm; and then varying forms were revealed to me in consonance with my different experiences in life.
In the long pursuit of artistic creations, my endeavours as a painter passed through a lot of changes. I painted portraits, human forms, birds, animals, insects, and varying elements of nature – water, air and space – and anything else that could give expression to my inner feelings – I drew and painted different forms which pulsate with organic energy. For years this orchestration of light and movement was somewhat loose. Then these elements got focused towards a centre, resulting in concentric circles and the spirals, with light emanating from the centre. Now, the energy has taken a new direction. This endless flowing energy knows no boundaries and flows ceaselessly creating numerous expressions.
My creative impulse is leading me towards the inner core of my being, the cardinal point of cosmic reference, from where it bursts forth in numerous artistic creations. The joy I receive, or hope to receive through God’s Grace and luck, is the vibration of this cosmic energy that throbs within the heart of the mysterious universe.