(1993, BFA Applied Art)

Ruchi Chadha graduated in fine arts from the prestigious College of Art, Delhi where she trained under some of the most illustrious teachers who guided her in developing a style of her own. Ruchi paints relentlessly with a technique that requires a high degree of skill and patience. Nature has always been her inspiration, its limitless beauty and in particular her love for water finds representation in her works.
She sees art as devotion and feels art is very important in relieving oneself and the vibrancy of colour tones, textures anf and various other mediums help a person to grow further in life deepening a thought process and equips the person with deeper insights to face challenges.
Ruchi has been inspired by the lotus, the physicality of its beauty, its connect with spiritual growth. It is this inspiration that led to a whole series on the lotus from a new perspective as an artist, of creating works with an underwater effect. The lotus bud, the leaves, the about to bloom, fully bloomed set in different situations create a meditative moment. The blooming lotus signifies hope and faith amidst all adversity inspiring one to seek the depths of understanding.