(1995, BFA Painting)


“Man is part of nature and I also consider myself a part of nature, whenever I paint, my medium is mostly watercolor, in which water is used abundantly, when water naturally flows on the easel It automatically creates a gentle palette of colors, it beauty makes my mind self-absorbed, I feel like repeating this process again and again. Nature and woman complement each other, nature also repeats itself, and woman also leaves her immense mark after giving birth to a child. Art is a medium of self-expression The artist wants to express his thoughts and reactions to the activities happening around him and inside him.
The person who expresses himself through art is called an artist, although art is a natural process. And with this method, every person expresses something or the other. Those who express themselves through speech are called musicians. Those who express themselves through body language are called dancers or performing artists. Painting has also been made a medium for self-expression, through which many medium materials are available, calling is also a medium while working, the artist is free and this medium is very comfortable, in this the artist can work in the desired way.
A lot of experiments are being done in all mediums, I have also done experiments in Acrylics because water is used a lot for Acrylics medium, so I thought why not use it like watercolors the result was quite satisfactory and I also adapted to nature. Since I mainly use watercolors as a medium to express my thoughts, it is natural that my style tends to be repetitive. Leaves a corresponding impact it is more likely to extend the work done.”