(1995, BFA Painting)

Art has been the driving force in my life, leading me to delve into the realms of design and crafts. Pursuing Fine Arts at the College of Arts in New Delhi (1991-1995) honed my passion for form and colour, naturally progressing towards design. During my time at NID, Ahmedabad (1995-1998), I discovered new avenues for creativity, igniting my love for teaching and learning. Presently, I teach design and history by weaving captivating stories.
I find great pleasure in exploring diverse mediums such as metals, bamboo, photography, textiles, clay, and more. Serving as the course leader at Pearl Academy (Textiles) and heading the design department at Satya Paul has been rewarding. Currently, I joyfully teach Design and History while indulging in the arts of pottery, painting, and printing. Sharing my knowledge and expertise remains fundamental, continuously fuelling my passion for teaching and expressing my artistry.