(1992, BFA / 1994, MFA Sculpture)

“Asurvedh : A revolutionary thinker and visionary in him is the anchor to bond everybody in this group with no frills and fancies he lives on his own unshaken earth and believes in fundamentalism and originality. Young, with unending vigour and energy believes in thorough experimentation. He learns from the limitations and predefined renditions of nature and lo behold an idea impregnated from his experiences starts taking birth in bronze or wood, marble or whatever seems at that moment best media of expression.
Well rooted with Indian Heritage and human ties his equation moves in a circle of revealing and unveiling itself with the laws of nature searching for self in them Traversing with metal specially bronze is his oeuvre and is still the high point in his journey which he further wants to take to the vast dimensions of the expressive abilities of his sculpture to evoke metaphorical meanings creates the possibility of in your face Dialogue between viewer and his sculpture. (1986 to 2023) “