(1993, BFA / 1995, MFA Applied Art)

I am Ashish Bahri Arora from the batch of 93(BFA applied art) and also batch of 95 (MFA applied art)…I am from one of those batches who were on the edge of evolution from manual to digital…it was fun and exciting…college was where learning was under the guidance of great teachers…who taught to teach,learn and helped us grow.
Immediately after finishing my MFA I was told to teach in college in the applied art department as a visiting faculty…subject given to me was my favourite “advertising professional and practice”year by year I evolved and evolved and then there was no stopping…so from 1995 -2018 I taught BFA and MFA (applied art and visual communication students)advertising theory,contextual study and thesis guidance.
Along with my teaching in college I have been a visiting faculty with Apeejay institute,amity university,Modi nagar institute of fine arts,Pearl academy,Mira bai polytechnic,Dseu,DTU etc and been the external examiner for various universities…
Journey as an educator has helped me to learn every moment and move ahead with my students.
My students from all the colleges I have taught and especially from College of art are my portfolios…
I have been a design consultant with various print projects and also in event industry.
I thank all my amazing teachers to guide me at every step..
Thank you